Herbs can be nature’s big little secret for restoring your hair if you know which ones to target effectively. So many men and women are on the verge of losing their hair with no clue as to what will help stop this problem. I’m going to cover a couple of herbal hair loss supplements you can purchase that will enable you to get full control of this problem fast.

Many others have used them and have seen some tremendous results. One of the first ones you should know about are the Shen Min hair vitamins. What you’ll particularly find interesting about these hair vitamin supplements for your hair is that they contain exactly what your body needs in order to stop hair loss.

In the ingredient list you’ll see such ingredients such as saw palmetto extract, stinging nettle, rosemary extract as well as a few others listed. The good thing about these herbal extracts is that they all are referred to as “DHT blockers”. This means that they work to block the hormone DHT that causes many men and even some women to suffer from pattern baldness.

This is probably due in part because of its popularity, having been on the market much longer. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, as long as what you choose to buy contains the natural ingredients proven to stop your hair fall.

Be careful when jumping from one product to the next.

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